May 21, 2019

Creating a game is not easy as I thought

Creating a game is not easy as I thought
Two weeks ago, me and some of my friends from college decided to create a game to parody (or a fan made version, it's the same) of The Binding of Isaac using as protagonist one of us, and creating a game around our university, our professors and our mates.

As I said in the title I found out that creating a game is not easy as I thought or as it seems. It's really difficult, there is a lot of variables to think about, you must optimize the code, make it playable and not boring.
It was a challenge between me (and I hope that this is the same for all the people who are working on the project) and my programming skills.
It's incredible how much you can learn from a stupid project made just for fun.
We decided to create it in Python using the PyGame library, we started creating a basic level, the Player class, and the Enemy class. After that we worked on the tears (Player's projectiles) and on the collisions, so we created two new classes: Tear and Wall. I know, we started two weeks ago but it's really funny and it challenges our mind. Maybe it will be the first project that I want to finish.


If you want to help us with this stupid (and awesome) project you can find it on github.